Our dedicated sales team is there for you. What ever you need, they can work to ensure you get what you need. Bespoke sketches, quotes and updates regarding your orders. 


Located in a prestigious barn, Barbers Barn, Pine Valley Interiors is home to one of the best customer journeys that can be experienced. 

With over 20 years of experience within the trade, Pine Valley Interiors guides you by hand throughout the entire process and creation of your bespoke pieces.

Just wanting to call in and have a look around? Please feel welcome! With a number of pieces ready to sell off the shop floor, numerous examples of furniture and a ready to help friendly sales team, you are in the best possible hands.

Humble Beginnings

Pine Valley Interiors has had a strong presence in Colchester and across Essex for the last 20 years, with numerous locations, collaborations and customers.


One of our original showrooms, once located on Crouch Street Colchester, was where Pine Valley Interiors began to truly make a name for itself. With an friendly and unbeatable team, customers were won over by the family brand and craftsmanship which accompanied it.  


Over time, the brand grew meaning new locations were acquired and the business was scaled. With the close partnership alongside Major Pine Trade Suppliers, Pine Valley was furnishing interiors as far as London, assisting in the creation of various hotel, shop and bar interiors. 

Households were being filled with pieces ranging from large crafted wardrobes, premium finished beds and incredible kitchens. 

To this day, Pine Valley Interiors continues to furnish the interiors of homes and establishments with incredible bespoke pieces of furniture across the region. 


Pine Valley Interiors can now be found in it's iconic home, Barbours Barn, a prestigious and beautiful barn located in Gosbecks, Colchester, Essex. 

Attached is its own workshops, where you can witness the creation of various pieces if you desire.